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This is my favorite page!  You are welcome to submit programming suggestions or to choose one or more of my more popular programs listed here to create your own concert.  Each program contains “old chestnuts,”  traditional “war horses,”  and compositions that live in undeserved obscurity. Decades of research have shaped these programs. To create the concert of your choice, please select one or a mix of the titles below and contact us. Or call 845- 341-6806 to discuss the programs and/or schedule a concert.



Liszt and the Barefoot Carmelite

Music of Liszt and infamous young ward and protege, Hermann Cohen a.k.a. (Puzzi) 


Networking Among the Great Romantics

Chopin, Schubert, Schumann, Mendelsohn, Liszt et al 


Composers of the African Diaspora: From Kansas to Capetown

Classical, Blues, Cabaret, and Ethno Music


A Toccata by Galuppi: Petrarchan Sonnets, Zampa’s Cavatina, Bach, and Busoni


Some French “Impressionists” (and one from Elmira NY)

Debussy, Faure, Griffes, Satie, et al


Gotham, Gospel, and the Plains

American composers: NY, Chicago, and Points West


Beethoven, Beethoven, and more Beethoven

Traditional LVB plus Liszt transcriptions of LVB’s orchestral works e.g. Ruins in Athens, Fifth symphony


 I would love to interact with your audiences! Connect via phone 845-341-6806 or contact us through the form below:


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